25 May 2022
Nettoyage de printemps 2022

Spring cleaning

4 May 2022
Project 52 Frédéric Augris


The Super Constellation is always a source of inspiration. The beauty of its curves awakens a certain nostalgia for an aesthetic past and nourishes the creativity […]
22 November 2021

Rear Carpet

[Communiqué ] Rear Layout and Carpet
18 September 2021

EHD 2021 Cancelled

Due to a busy schedule linked to the restoration work in progress inside the aircraft as well as the relocation of our workshops, the Amicale du […]
18 March 2021
Refection of wood frames

And now carpet !

Ten two-seater passenger seats! The last major restoration project on the F-BGNJ was the refurbishment of a series of 10 double passenger seats in 2018-2019. The […]
23 January 2021
Bonne année 2021

We are clear to take off for 2021

We wish you a much better year to all of you ! There is no doubt that we won’t be able to work on the aircraft […]
9 September 2020
JEP 2021 Annulé

EHD 2020 Cancelled

[Communiqué ] With the circumstances related to COVID19 and especially the loss for demolition of our HQ and workshop (see previous articles), the “Amicale du Super […]
4 July 2020

Several photos of the accident of August 1, 1954 in MEXICO

13 January 2020

A cylinder donated by “Les Ailes anciennes” of Toulouse