Executive Board

Patrick Pelletier


webmaster / electro-technician

François Gellusseau

Vice president

Handles the brush very well.

Claude Roulaud


Organizer / planner

Antoine Gellusseau

Assistant Secretary

Designer / photographer

Antoine Biscara


and king of the high pressure cleaner

Thierry Larmier

Assistant Treasurer


Michel Gosnet

Responsible workshop

Always has a solution...

Daniel Cheneau

In charge of communication

Electronics Engineer

Louis-Marin Dufour

Technical Adviser

and in a good mood

Pierrick Goulpeau

He too has a solution to everything

Pancake king

Gilles Douillard

Old mechanics specialist

Daniel Leguenec

Grants Officer

In charge of communication

Leopold Deboos

Nicolas Cavolleau

Aeronautical technician

Meticulous restoration specialist


Our precious active members

Pierre-André Biron

In charge of communication

3d modeler

Jérôme Batard


Passionate about history

Kelyann Le Goff

Michel Le Moine