Michel Beyssat

Michel Beyssat was the president of the Amicale from 2001 to 2019. Having piloted a Super Constellation, he was endless with anecdotes. Like passionate children we listened to him, dreaming of luxurious transatlantic voyages embellished with a hint of adventure. Of these men to conquer the sky, those who nourish our imagination, without a doubt he was one of them.

He left us, like a captain!
Joined AIR FRANCE in September 1955, after a stint in Naval Aeronautics (notably on Grumman TBM Avenger), retired in 1990 with 21,700 flight hours.
Michel talks to us of his great passions!
A life in the sky!

Michel Beyssat was successively qualified on:
- Douglas DC3, Douglas DC4, "Breguet deux ponts": 1550 hours,
- Lockheed Constellation, Lockheed Super Constellation : 6600 hours,
- Sud Aviation Caravelle : 1500 hours,
- Boeing 707 4200 hours
- Boeing 747 7100 jours.
Married to Elisabeth Beyssat, joined AIR FRANCE in February 1955 as a flight attendant, arrested in 1970 after 10,000 hours of flight to raise her children. She was successively qualified on Douglas DC3, Douglas DC4, Vickers Viscount, Lockheed Constellation, Lockheed Super Constellation, Sud Aviation Caravelle and finally, Boeing 707. Their son Laurent Beyssat, also a member of our association, is Captain-Instructor at the Company. HOP (AIR FRANCE subsidiary), based in Nantes.

A name for the F-BGNJ

Photo Fuselage Super Constellation
In homage to Michel, the Amicale decided to baptize the F-BGNJ "Elisabeth and Michel Beyssat"
Last photo: David Trx