Our ambitions


The heritage preservation

Our first ambition is of course to save the LOCKHEED L 1049 G Super Constellation F-BGNJ - N ° 4519 in order to protect the only copy of the Air France fleet that survived, in good condition, on French territory.
< br> A very important point must be emphasized here: the plane being classified as a “historic monument”, all work undertaken must have obtained “work authorization” issued by the Registrar of the Regional Department of Cultural Affairs (DRAC) according to specifications established upstream.
It also means that we have to keep the original parts as much as possible, or replace them with identical parts (from other identical aircraft), or remade them exactly on the same model.


The continued of restorations

Acquisition and installation of carpets in the cabin (basements).

Repair of the three rudders: remake the corroded parts identically, re-cover and paint the rudders, put them back on the daggerboards.

Painting the wings.

Painting of the fuselage.


Building a hangar

Building a hangar with offices and workshops for our plane: this is the only way to preserve it in the long term!

You have to be realistic, despite regular cleaning and painting, the water insidiously infiltrates the wing structure and corrosion does its work!