The F-BGNJ on Flight Simulator

The zip file also includes the sound pack for R-3350 engines
In collaboration with the 1049 Project team and Cal Classic in the United States, you now have the opportunity to fly with our Connie in the colours it has worn since it went into service in 1953.

The package includes the 3d model as well as the textures of 5 delivered carried by our aircraft:
- In the colours of Air France with the immat. F-BGNJ in 1953 (and today)
- In the colours of the TAE with the immat. EC-BEN in 1967
- During humanitarian flights to Biafra with Immat. F-BRAD in 1969
- In the colours of the Catair with the immat. F-BRAD from 1969 to 1974
- In the colours of the Lockheed prototype with the immat. F-BRAD in 1976

See the readme.txt file included in the package for installation in FSX (and FS9).