The restorations by "l'Amicale"



Receipt of an propeller engine of Super Constellation (donated by the Air France Museum), then design and manufacture of a shelter for its protection. Continuation of the refurbishment of the cabin's electrical installations (lighting in particular). Complete refurbishment of 20 passenger seats (frame, mechanism and upholstery)



Changing the wheels and tires of the main landing gear, then total refurbishing (cleaning, painting, rebuilding of hoses and wiring)

Motorization of bending flaps Replacement of the 7 cockpit portholes (2015) and the 34 fuselage portholes (2016)

Interior Painting


Réfection des sièges du cockpit



Cockpit refurbishment (condition of controls, painting)

Reconditioning of on-board instruments

Refurbishment of dashboards (pilots and navigator)

Restart of lighting and lights

Repair of the front landing gear (cleaning, painting, tire change)

Rear and front washroom refurbishment



Development of the Frémiou site for the reception of the Super Constellation



Painting with AIR FRANCE colors (1953)



Finalization of the restoration of the whole exterior part

Repair of the interior electrical wiring

Repair of the false ceilings of the cabin and re-commissioning of interior lighting



Protection against corrosion

Rehabilitation of some highly corroded parts

ealing of the entire cell