"L’Amicale du Super Constellation" (the Super Constellation Frienship Association) is an association founded in 2000. It currently has 70 members, all volunteers, lovers or aviation enthusiasts, and who give their time to save the Super Constellation F-BGNJ.

The professions diversity of the members brings a wide range of knowledge in most of the technical fields that we need to carry out maintenance and restoration works.
The various problems encountered are studied in common, in order to resolve them in a coherent manner, and to find solutions in accordance with our heritage approach to restoration.

Unfortunately, our financial means are insufficient to carry out certain important restoration works, which require the production or purchase of specific parts.
Our Project:
Restore and maintain the Lockheed L-1049 G Super Constellation aircraft, registered F-BGNJ, in a state of static presentation, in order to make it accessible to the general public and encourage vocations.

The birth of "L'Amicale"

In 1997 the CCI of Nantes-Atlantique airport bought the Super Constellation from Mr. Gaborit to save it from final destruction that was probably reserved for him. A group of enthusiasts decides to meet and create an association to restore the plane. The Super Constellation association was thus created in 2000

Publication in the Official Journal on July 08, 2000 - N ° 20000028 - Ad n ° 1161.

Its main objective: the preservation of the Lockheed L-1049 C registered F-BRAD to restore it to a state of static presentation and in its original colors when it flew for AIR FRANCE in 1953 with the registration F-BGNJ

The association now has 70 members.

L'Amicale is also part of L'AEROSCOPE , an association working for the creation of an Aeronautical Showcase in the Great West.